Why is my serial number not working?

Decline Reasons

If your Serial Number is declined by the Contrail Desktop App, please follow the simple checklist below. When a serial number is declined the app shows you a message with a reason. The reason phrase, or a similar phrase should be listed below.


The serial number does not exist

Check your serial number for typos. Instead of copy & pasting the serial number, try typing it.
Still not working? It might be that we have not imported serial numbers for this product into our system. Please read the chapter Products Supporting Activation by Serial Number


The serial number already belongs to an account. [...]

The serial number exists and has been activated before. This usually means that you had activated this serial number before, and then connected a shop account to the Contrail Desktop app. One you connect and account to the app, all serial numbers will be tied to this (and your other) shop account. This process makes it easier to activate your products again (e.g. after re-installation of Windows).

Solution: Re-Connect your shop account(s) to Contrail. This will activate all of your products previously activated by serial number automatically!

Products Supporting Activation by Serial Number

Some products available on Contrail can be activated by a serial number (serial key).
A few examples of products supporting activation by serial number:

  • Dreamflight Studios
  • Impulse Simulations
  • JetStream Designs
  • Flightbeam Studios
  • FSimStudios
  • LatinVFR
  • Vertical Simulations

Most products by these developers can be activated in the Contrail Desktop App with serial keys received from the developer shops (e.g. FSimStudios, Vertical Simulations) and / or Simmarket.

Please note that not all products can be activated by serial number. If your serial number is not working, or the product page does not show the "Activate" button, it might still be possible to transfer your product(s) to Contrail. Please contact us!

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