How can I change my e-mail address?

The e-mail address used for log-in to your Contrail Webshop account ( can not be changed manually.

Please send us a message by clicking HERE. If this link does not work, you are probably already using our docs and messaging app. Click on the cross in the upper-right corner, click on "Ask" and send us an E-Mail.

The e-mail should include:

  1. Your current e-mail address
  2. Your new e-mail address

We will contact you as soon as your e-mail address has been updated.

You can then use your new e-mail address to log-in to your Contrail Webshop account either via your web browser or the Contrail desktop app.

Please note that you have to re-connect your Contrail Webshop account to the desktop app in order to reflect the change. Click on the "Accounts" page in the lower left menu of the desktop app. Then click on "Disconnect" next to your account and re-connect it afterwards using your new e-mail address.

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